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PARIHAR MINERALS PRIVATE LIMITED was incepted in the year 1994. It is located at Haldwani in the state of Uttrakhand. JAWAHAR SINGH PARIHAR, KUNTI PARIHAR & MANISH PARIHAR are the Director of the organization. Under whose Headship we have been scaling new heights in our business endeavor. PARIHAR MINERALS is the leading quality soapstone producer and mine owner at Uttarakhand, India. Today we are supplying soapstone lumps to most soapstone based industries as a raw material and filler, this strength of PARIHAR MINERALS is establishing as a growing and innovative enterprise.

Why to Buy from Us?

Highest Quality SOAPSTONE LUMP

Soapstone is a hydrated magnesium silicate, belonging to the subclass of phyllosilicates. Its crystals are thin and lamellar forming when massive, wide ranges of colours (i.e.: white, pink, green, grey or black). Soapstone can be found in various grades, different by its purity, colour and lamellarity. Its main characteristics are: it’s naturally hydrophobic and lipophilic, it’s chemically inert, resisting very well to acids and bases; it’s the softest mineral; it’s a good electric and thermal insulator and it’s neither flammable nor explosive. Thanks to these characteristics, soapstone is a mineral of choice in many industrial uses.


SOAPSTONE is the prime manufacturing product of PARIHAR MINERALS. Our offered Soapstone is known for its various salient features. The Brightness: 90.80% and Whiteness: 93.30% of our offered Soapstone has already mesmerized the market with their presence.

  • Material type: 100% Natural white Soap stone.
  • Variety: Rough material, , Super Fine , Fine , Good Mix
  • Specification: 50mm to 400mm.
  • Color: White
  • Use: used in paper, plastic, rubber, cosmetic industry.
  • Packing: HDPE bags, 50kg/bag, 1ton/bag.