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Our offered Soapstone is known for its various salient features. The Brightness: 90.80%-99.9% of our offered Soapstone has already mesmerized the market with their presence. Based on that, we have enlisted ourselves in between the major manufacturer of Soapstone. It includes:

Soap Stone Lumps

SoapStone Lumps is a Hydrated Magnesium Silicate. It is a naturally occurring platy mineral. It can be white, grey& gray white in color. It has a Mohs hardness of 1, has a vitreous-pearly luster, a white streak and has a density of 2.75. SoapStone is valued for its extreme softness, smoothness, hydrophobicity, high lubricating and hiding power and for its ability to absorb oil and grease.

Our Strength in SOAPSTONE

We operate SOAPSTONE business under the name of PARIHAR MINERALS Pvt.Ltd.. Our ability to deliver SOAPSTONE of consistent purity and Brightness has earned the reputation of being a dependable soapstone supplier globally. PARIHAR soapstone strength is its exceptionally pure and white soapstone mining reserves and its ability to develop new products. After all in less than two years of operations, We Mined soapstone in particular has a high purity, platy structure, an exceptionally super white color, with high brightness, less yellowness.

Processing Technology

We have a unique process to beneficiate the soapstone and its new state of the art grinding technology enables it to achieve high platy soapstone. To add to its strength is its well-equipped R&D laboratory and an automated process, which ensures consistency in product quality and delivery.